Mobile Strike Allows Players To Launch Intelligent Attacks With Patience

If you are an avid gamer, you sure have tried your hands at the Game of War with much to do and attack. Well, the developers decided to bring out a modern version of it called the Mobile Strike where there are the modern tanks, choppers and the full range of the ammunitions instead of the swords, bows and arrows of the Knights and the Warriors. The latest version of the game was out in May this year and is compatible with both the Android and the iOS.

The game is meant to be an intelligent warfare that spans across the world, and there you can be heroes like the famous war-film personalities brandishing raw power.

As a part of the intelligent warfare, it is essential that the players engage in the building of the base that is the crucial and can be said to be the point of survival. Each player has to go on a building spree to be able to cope with the attacks and the challenges that are going to crop up soon. Players, however, have to take care not to miss out on any of the building aspects so that all provisions are ready for the appropriate strike.

The intelligent playing extends to the players forming careful strategies of proliferating their base with others forming Alliances. It is a game that you cannot play all by yourself, and you have to team up with your friends or any other player from any part of the world. There are certain mobile strike hacks which you can use while playing this game. You will have to have the best of alliances by setting up Embassy at your base that will enable you to send the alliance help to others. Sending troops and other reinforcement to the alliance members will ensure that you have more help slots for the times ahead when in the middle of attacks.

The collecting of the resources is an important part of the game as with any other as it will help in the sprucing up of the attack in time. There are daily missions, forming alliances and also the VIP points that you can collects at the end of the task that is assigned to you when you log in. Completing them patiently and going back to those screens to collect the reward will help you reduce the use of your own money. Mobile Strike is as much a game of patience as it is of intelligent strategy building. It pays to wait and collect the rewards rather than spend five gold a minute to speed up the missions.

Every step of the game is an increase in the level and also in the competence of the people like the Commander. It is over time that your Commander will earn points with which you can upgrade her or his abilities for launching better attacks. There are options that you have to make use of intelligently and judiciously so that your Commander is always at an advantage. There is also the necessity to keep an eye on the in-game upgrades that will enable you to spike up your base and also increase food production so that you are properly equipped not to allow your enemy rage over you.